The tasks that a telecom operator faced

  • Filtering according to the lists of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice (compliance with 139-FZ)
  • Subscriber management, policing

SCAT activation

  • Installation "in break" without use of Silicom cards with bypass
  • PAC SCAT-6 is applied

Peculiarities of SCAT installation

PAC SCAT is installed between switches Cisco 7606. Intel cards without bypass are used, to ensure the fault tolerance an alternative route is created for the event of SCAT server failure. SCAT software is installed on the custom server, the specification of which was agreed with VAS Experts company representatives.

SCAT product review, matching the tasks

Colleagues from the VAS Experts company caarried out remote installation of SCAT software to our server, the product introduction took less than a week. Due to the fact that statistically the total traffic in our network does not exceed 6 Gbit/s, SCAT-6 software was installed, but the server itself has 10 Gb/s physical interfaces. Licensing convenience should also be mentioned, since it's organized according to the actual consumed traffic passing directly through the server, and is not accounted according to the capacity of physical interfaces. No complaints in relation to the selected solution, all functionality meets the declared characteristics. At the moment, we would be interested in development of functional of the numerous white lists in SCAT software, to be able to grant "parental control" service, as well as to use these features in the educational institutions.