The tasks that a telecom operator faced

  • Filtering according to the lists of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice (compliance with the Federal Law)
  • Communication with subscribers via browser: notification of subscribers
  • Prioritization of a common bandwidth (uplink optimization), cutting off the torrents
  • Subscriber management, policing
  • Blocking in the event of nonpayment (white list, Captive Portal)

SCAT activation

  1. Installation "in break" with use of Silicom cards
  2. 3 PAC SCAT-40 is applied: each component is in active mode, but performance reserve is left for the event of failure of one of them

Peculiarities of SCAT installation

PAC SCAT is mounted between stack of Extreme switches and border router Brocade. Each PAC SСAT-40 is responsible for a specific region and subscribers.

SCAT product review, matching the tasks

Minor difficulties at SCAT product occurred, but the staff of "VAS Experts" company paid due attention to our problems. Most of the functionality we tested and configured independently since the product has detailed documentation. The program solution corresponds to the declared tasks. Integration took 1 month, as the work during installation "in break" required scheduling and smooth transfer of traffic to SCAT servers.

At the moment, the product needs additional templates to prioritize traffic, and taking into account withdrawal of many sites in HTTPS, prioritization according to blocks of IP addresses will likely be used. Currently, the Parental Control service is solved by means of the list of banned sites. We would like to have a qualifier of sites which could be constantly updated and used for parental control filters.