The tasks that a telecom operator faced

  • Filtering according to the lists of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice (compliance with the Federal Law)
  • Removal of the full analytics from the channel (collection of statistics under the NetFlow protocol)
  • Prioritization of a common bandwidth (uplink optimization), cutting off the torrents
  • Subscriber management, policing

SCAT activation

  1. Installation "in break"
  2. Use of additional modules
    • Module of browsing statistics and reports NFSEN
  3. We bought full PAC

Peculiarities of SCAT installation

Hardware and software complex "SCAT 20" is set between the border router and several BRAS servers. Two uplinks are supported.

SCAT product review, matching the tasks

Due to the ease of solution deployment, no difficulties at SCAT integration occured. The term of the project implementation was about a week. No complaints in relation to the technical support, all requests are processed efficiently.

Acquired benefits are fulfillment of the requirements of legislation, savings on the band, obtaining information about the traffic structure.

The company plans to continue using SCAT and expand the range of available tasks. In the near future we plan to introduce retracker of torrents.

In addition, we would be interested in development of functional concerning IPv6 policing and better traffic analysis to identify the hosts belonging to subscribers among our clients. As a wish, we would like to see a clearer structure of related documentation and added table of contents. All this would considerably simplify search for necessary information.