TRAFFIC FILTERING FOR TELECOM OPERATORS SCAT DPI solution allows telecom operators to limit easily and effectively
access of users to the Internet resources.

The solution complies with the requirements FZ-149, FL-139, FL-187, FL-398, FL-114
regarding filtering of traffic in relation to resources which arein the Unified Register of blacklisted sites of Roskomnadzor and in the Federal List of extremist materials of the Ministry of Justice.

up to 4 billion URL

up to 4 billion URL

with a compact
in-memory representation

до 40 гигабит/с

up to 40 Gbit/s

of the basic SCAT DPI Entry

< 30 ms

< 30 ms

for processing of requests on server
of 1 U format


Peculiarities of solution:

  • Automatic unloading of filtering registers of Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice from the cloud service
  • Filtering according to the own list of operator
  • Filtering of URL with cyrillic characters
  • Filtering of traffic from the proxy servers and mobile devices (iOS, Android etc.)
  • Blocking ofHTTPS traffic under Common Name certificates
  • Blocking ofHTTP traffic on nonstandard ports
  • Management of filtering by specific users
  • Forwarding to the operator's webpage for a blocked URL (for http protocol)


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