The tasks that a telecom operator faced

  • Filtering according to the lists of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice (compliance with the Federal Law)
  • Removal of the full analytics from the channel (collection of statistics under the NetFlow protocol)

SCAT activation

  1. Installation "in break" with use of Silicom cards
  2. Use of additional modules
    • Module of browsing statistics and reports
  3. 3 PAC SCAT: SCAT-40 is applied

Peculiarities of SCAT installation

PAC SCAT is mounted between stack of switches Extreme and border router Juniper MX. Since 3 PACK is used, the balancing according to hash functions was adjusted..

SCAT product review, matching the tasks

Our colleagues from the VAS Experts company demonstrated high responsibility at delivery and installation of PAC SCAT. As a result, we pass around 100 Gbit / s traffic through this solution and comply with the instructions of the Russian Federation on implementation of 139-FZ. Besides, after SCAT installation, we were able to analyze the traffic in our network, to set the appropriate priorities for the border routers and to take decisions supported by the statistics on improvement of connectivity and construction of direct interconnection with a number of content providers. Implementation took 2 weeks as it required to schedule work at installation "in break" and setup the traffic balancing.

The quality of technical support and what you would like to improve about us

Technical support is consistent with the declared level.